A Bloggy Saturday Hodge Podge

Happy weekend, everyone!

For those of you of the Monday–Friday set, congratulations on reaching the weekend. As for me and my rotating days off, today is my “Monday” (I was off on Thursday and Friday this week). Saturday isn’t such a bad day to start your work week when a reduced schedule means not much is going on. I only have to survive today and tomorrow, because I’ll be spending Monday and Tuesday at work seated in front of a computer monitor making my way through my annual recurrent training. Meh — recurrent training is boring as hell, but it gets you out of other work for eight hours. And then I’m off next Wednesday and Thursday; Wednesday, of course, is St. Patrick’s Day — the first time I can remember being off on St. Patrick’s Day in forever. Then again, it probably doesn’t matter, as I’m likely to celebrate by sitting at home and watching TV. What’s so great about a bunch of non-Irish morons getting drunk and pretending to be Irish for one day a year anyway? Most of them are probably descendants of the people who treated the Irish (like my own Irish ancestors) as second-class citizens; not unlike the people who spend 364 days a year being racist toward Latinos, but then go out and party for Cinco de Mayo. Whatev.

There wasn’t a whole lot that transpired this week — nothing worth blogging about on its own, anyway — which is why I’m throwing together just one entry to cover the last five days. I went grocery shopping last Monday, and saved almost as much as I spent. Yay! for discounts and coupons. I shopped on Monday knowing that rain was forecast for the rest of the week (and waiting for the bus with grocery bags in your hands in a steady downpour doesn’t work too well), and the forecasts didn’t disappoint — it did, indeed, rain pretty much all week, and when it wasn’t raining it was still cloudy, foggy, and gloomy. Perfect weather to make you want to sit at home and do nothing, which is exactly what I did with my days off.

I called my old roommate from grad school, Laura, on Friday, and we spent three-and-a-half hours getting caught up on everything that has transpired since the last time I got off my lazy duff and called her, which was last June. Like seemingly everyone else of my general demographic, she and her boyfriend had bought a house since we last spoke. I know my generation is lagging behind previous generations, but, as we get to the ripe-old age of thirty, all of my friends seem to be finally reaching the point now when they’re starting real careers or buying houses or getting married or having kids … or all of the above. Well, everyone except me, that is. I guess I’m a little behind the curve.

Single-game tickets for Twins home games went on sale at nine o’clock this morning. I tried to buy a ticket just before ten for the game on my birthday, but it was already sold out. I know it’s only the second game ever at the new Target Field, and I know it’s against Boston, but it’s also on a Wednesday afternoon (12:10 start) — shouldn’t you people all be at work? A 12:10 start on a Wednesday afternoon at the Metrodome would have been half full, but not so much in the new ballpark. Actually, I have a feeling that most of the tickets were probably bought up by scalpers, but I refuse to pay a king’s ransom just to see a ballgame, whether its on my birthday or not; I guess I’ll be listening on the radio. In fact, from the way it sounds, I probably won’t get to see a single game at the new stadium this year. With season-ticket holders accounting for more than half the seats in the new stadium, it sounds like it didn’t take long for most of the open seats to sell out this morning. That, and there aren’t any “cheap seats” like there were in the Metrodome. Being a resident of Hennepin County, I’m the one paying for the stadium, but the only ones who can afford tickets to the new ballpark are the richies out in the ’burbs. Oh well — at least the extra revenue generated by the stadium tax is subsidizing the libraries being open now on Sundays and Mondays, so I guess we poor county residents are getting something out of the deal.

One more thing before I go: don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight for the start of daylight savings time. It’s still weird getting used to the change coming in March instead of April, but the extra hour of daylight at night is always welcome.


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