Taking It Easy

So far today I have accomplished, well, nothing.

As for the rest of the day, I intend to accomplish … wait for it … nothing!

Okay, that isn’t really true. About the rest of the day, I mean. I’m going to do a little cooking and baking later, and — if I’m feeling really ambitious — I might even get that darned census form filled out. Maybe.

Good thing I got all of my errands run yesterday.

It took me awhile to gather up enough ambition to leave the apartment yesterday, but I finally headed out around three in the afternoon to take care of a little business. My first destination was the library downtown to return a book I’ve been hanging onto (but not really reading) for nearly two months. Hopped on the bus, it was pretty full, and I sat in one of the few open seats. Next to another dude. He didn’t appreciate it much, so he got up and sat next to his friend. I had my headphones on, so they thought I couldn’t hear them, but they spent the entire trip downtown bitching about how I had the gall to think they aren’t entitled to three seats each on the bus. His friend kept saying I was lucky I hadn’t sat next to him because he’d have just popped me one, boom! (I think those were his words.) I’d love to see a scientific study that tests whether dudes who ride the bus really have larger testicles than the general population (therefore necessitating them taking up two or sometimes three seats so they can spread their legs as wide as possible). Or maybe they’re all just rude assholes.

Lemme see… So, I returned the book, and then I caught the light rail back around to Lake Street. Before heading over to the grocery store, I made a quick stop at Savers, where I picked up a few vintage/retro dishes on the cheap. I got a glass tumbler with alternating yellow and white stripes that reminds me of some of my grandma’s glasses; I got a white porcelain bowl with a neat black pattern around the edges (cannot decide if I should use it for eating or to replace the red melamine bowl I toss my keys and wallet in by my front door); and I got a white Pyrex loaf pan with a little blue print pattern on the side, so now I can finally try my hand at making breads or meatloaf. Sweet.

I have dishes already (love my Orla Kiely for Target dishes — use ’em every day), but I’ve also slowly been picking up mismatched pieces from thrift stores on the cheap. Probably my fave is the mod dinner plate covered in blue flowers that I picked up from Savers a few weeks ago. A full matching collection of dishes is great, but there’s something really neat about pairing up a mismatched collection as well. Kind of nice to have both, depending upon your mood, you know?

I finally made it to the grocery store after that. I was in a bit of a hurry because it was already 5:30 and I had to be to the VFW by 7:00 for trivia, but I picked up everything I needed. Between coupons and buying items when they’re on sale, I’ve been pretty good recently about saving nearly as much as I spend on groceries. The only downer was that I nearly missed my bus (had to chase him down) as I left the store because of the stupid cashier. The girl ahead of me on line must have been previously employed there, and the cashier took her sweet-ass time ringing up the girl’s stuff as the two of them yakked. The girl seriously had about seven items, but it took the cashier TEN-FUCKING-MINUTES to complete the transaction. The bus was pulling away as I exited the store, so I had to chase him down at the next stop. And the asshole charged me. The buses were free after six last night for St. Patrick’s Day, but because I got on 5:58 he charged me. What an ass.

Got the groceries home, put the perishable items away, then grabbed my jacket and headed back out the door. I couldn’t believe it when I made it to Lyn-Lake at 6:54, because I was certain I would be late for trivia when I didn’t even get out of the grocery store until almost six.Turns out it didn’t matter, as registration started at seven — the questions didn’t actually start until seven-thirty. Joined up with a team of people most of whom I had never met before last night (and the one I had met before I had met one drunken night at karaoke a few months back), but had a lot of fun. I couldn’t possibly tell you how many beers I had, as we were drinking pitchers, but I’m sure it was a lot. I’m actually surprised I wasn’t more drunk since I hadn’t eaten a thing since the cereal and banana I had for breakfast. Oh, and we finished second. There was actually a two-way tie for second, so they split the second- and third-place winnings between us and the other team, resulting in us getting four drink tokens. I used mine on one more beer. I got lucky when I left because I hadn’t consulted a bus schedule in advance — I think I waited about two minutes for a bus.

You know what would be sweet? If the bus took a detour on all trips after midnight through the drive-thru at White Castle so we drunks without cars could get some sliders. Man, that’d be sweeeeeeeeeeet!

Woke up this morning largely intact other than feeling a little dehydrated, which I treated with a half-dozen strawberries and a glass of OJ. Here we are, mid-afternoon, and I’m actually still nursing along the last of my pot of coffee. Thinking about following this up with either some tea or hot chocolate. I’m just in no rush to do much of anything today. I opened up several of the windows around the apartment for the first time in months to take advantage of this beautiful weather to air the place out. I really don’t even need to do any cleaning today, as I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping the place picked up since the larger cleaning project last week. Okay, I suppose a little dusting and a quick sweep of the floors wouldn’t hurt, but it’s doubtful that either of those will get done today. Too lazy; zero ambition. I actually get more stuff done on workdays when I know I have to get up and get moving than I do on days off. Oh well.

Sorry about overusing and abusing the word “sweet” today. Ma bad!


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