The Bad, The Good, and The Kick-Ass

I decided to check the balance on my checking account this morning because I hadn’t seen my paycheck yet and I wanted to know how much I had been paid yesterday. Checking my account activity, I noticed a $1 charge pending against my account that I didn’t recognize. Google? What on earth would I have purchased for $1 from Google? Nothing that I could remember, so I called up Wells Fargo to see if I could get any more information about the charge. When the WF phone rep said that sometimes a $1 charge will serve as a place-keeper for a larger charge, I figured I had better go ahead and cancel the card. (You know, just in case.) That means that I’m without a check card (and therefore also without an ATM card) for the next five to seven business days. Poop.

On an amusing side note to this, she asked if I’d be willing to press charges. I said, “Umm, over a $1 charge? No — doesn’t seem worth it — I just want to cancel the card.”

Of course, this is the second security scare concerning my account in recent months. It was only about three months ago that I had to close my account and open a new one after my landlady lost my rent check. Because she wasn’t sure if she had lost it or it had been stolen, I talked to the WF people and they suggested I just go ahead and open a new account. Just like now, it was a minor inconvenience for about a week, but it all worked out in the end. In fact, that incident actually worked out quite well in my favor because my old checks still had Corey’s address on them, whereas my new checks with my new account number have my current address.

What else today?

I got both an early start and a hold over at work today. I ended up starting at 1:30 and getting done at 9:45, which means eight hours at straight time and an (easy) hour at time-and-one-half. Works for me! It kept me from getting my dishes done today, and it prevented me from stopping by Target after work to pick up some Diet Coke (I’m down to only two cans all of a sudden — how the heck did that happen?!), but I made enough extra money to make it okay.

And I still made it home in time to catch almost all of Crap from the Past on KFAI — in my opinion, probably the best show on the radio. Yay!


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