Happy Birthday, Blueflower.org

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It was ten years ago today — June 8, 2000 — that I first registered the domain name “blueflower.org” … and the rest is history.

At the time that I registered the domain name, my Web site had outgrown the capabilities of GeoCities, which I had been using as a host for my site for nearly two years. I wanted to expand the scope of the site, and — more importantly — I wanted to add a Web log using Blogger, which I had only recently discovered.

For this purpose, I needed a new host, and I also wanted to register a domain name associated with it. Trying to settle on a domain name, I made a list of possible choices, and whittled the list down until I settled on Blue Flower. Where the heck did I come up with that name? I was a German major at the time, and, well, I’ll let Wikipedia explain, if you really want to know. Blueflower.com and Blueflower.net were already taken, so that’s why I arrived at Blueflower.org. I have several times over the last ten years considered changing the name, even going so far as to register new names, but I eventually settled on keeping everything the same.

As for the new host for the site, I went with Crosswinds. (Worst. Host. Ever.) They advertised unlimited space — for free! Sounds too good to be true? It was. I created the new site, got the blog up-and-running, and stuck with this arrangement for the first several months … until Crosswinds started randomly deleting pages from my site. What? Yeah, I never got an explanation from them as to why they deleted half of my site, but I know they were on a big kick not to host any illegal content (unauthorized photos, MP3s, etc.). Since my site had none of those, I have no idea why they randomly deleted my pages, but they did (thankfully, I had them backed up on my hard drive), so I set out in search of a new host, and finally decided to pay for hosting rather than dealing with the same B.S. again. By December of that year, I had moved to my new host, and I haven’t had any problems with them (more or less).

I have continued to blog off-and-on, of course, over the last (almost) ten years. If you’re really interested, there’s a history of the site ranging from my pre-GeoCities days up until July 2005 here. It only just occurred to me while looking up that site that I haven’t updated the history of blueflower.org in the last five years. Since I’m probably the only person who cares, I’m in no particular hurry.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. Today is my day off, but it’s a rainy, stormy, gloomy day, so it isn’t exactly conducive to leaving the apartment. Inside the apartment, I have apparently lost electrical power in the wall that separates the kitchen and the bathroom, which means no light in either room, and no power in one of the outlets in the kitchen. It was all working this morning (the coffeemaker is plugged into said kitchen outlet, and I was able to make my coffee this morning), but ceased to function at some point between when I first made the coffee and when I went back to fill my second cup. I went down and checked the fuses, but those are fine, and the power is working everywhere else in the apartment, so I’m not sure what the trouble is. The caretaker just stopped in, played with the circuit breaker himself (now I have to re-set the time on the VCR), and said the fix-it guy would be in the building tomorrow, so he’ll have him stop in. Basically, I guess that means I’ll be peeing in the dark tonight.

Later, gators!


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