Very Busy Young Man

It would obviously be a considerable understatement for me to say that I have been missing in action here on the Web log. Days without a new entry turned into weeks, and weeks soon turned into months. Where one small update back in July would have kept you up-to-date, things soon snowballed to the point where a new entry almost seemed overwhelming. I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to fill you in on everything that has happened in the time since I last gave you an update on my life. Rest assured, I have been a busy young man. My goal is to get back to posting more often, but we’ll see where things go from here.

For those of you back in Appleton, I will be in town twice in January — the first time will be this weekend, and the second time will be the last weekend of the month for trivia. I’ll fill you in on my plans for trivia when we get closer to that time, but the plan for this weekend is to arrive in town Saturday morning and leave either Sunday night or early Monday morning (depending upon the weather and how tired I am).

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas (not to mention Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.), and I wish you a safe and happy New Year.


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