Happy New Year!

My plans to come home this weekend collapsed like a house of cards yesterday when all of the flights into both Appleton and Green Bay suddenly went from half-full to overbooked. I didn’t look into the details, but the only likely excuse is that there must have been a cancellation or two due to the weather.

While the rain/sleet/freezing rain that we got Thursday and Friday definitely made the ground icy and treacherous, more disruptive to airline travel was the icing conditions in the air. Planes were arriving Friday afternoon and evening here in Minneapolis completely covered in a thin sheet of ice, while the leading edges of the wings, tail, nose, and engines were completely caked in ice. Deicing operations were taking considerably longer than usual, as it was quite a chore to remove all of the ice from the aircraft before they could depart, and that was making planes that were already delayed even later still. With conditions such as this, it’s easy to understand why the airlines might start canceling flights.

My preparations for coming home were not totally in vain. I mean, I never got around to packing yet before I found out I wouldn’t be able to come home (so I don’t have to bother with putting clothes away), and the cleaning that I accomplished around the apartment was needed anyway. The only problem with things around here is that I don’t have much food around the apartment because I was planning on using the rental car I was going to drive back to go grocery shopping before returning it. I have enough to make it by until I do finally get around to shopping for groceries, but I certainly wasn’t planning on needing to feed myself this weekend.

And I have to say that I had a good New Year’s Eve. I met up with some friends after work for one friend’s birthday, and then we all went over to a party which I hadn’t planned for in advance, so I didn’t have any beverages to provide. Thankfully, a friend brought multiple bottles of wine and was willing to share. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but one thing I decided not long ago was that I want to start making a point of being more outgoing and carefree, so I followed through last night by making conversation with several people who I only vaguely know. I mean, I knew pretty much everyone who was at the party, but there were people there who I don’t know quite as well as some of the others, and those were the people who I attempted to chat up throughout the night. Plus, I was my usual dancefloor terror, so there was that. While I wish I could have flown home this morning, the fun I had last night definitely helped dull the disappointment of being stuck here once again. I haven’t completely eliminated the possibility of trying to go home next weekend yet, and I will definitely be there for almost a week at the end of this month, so I suppose I’m just being forced to delay gratification, not cancel it altogether.

Happy New Year to all, and may 2011 be your best year yet!


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