Don’t You Forget about Me

Eleven years. Wow—that’s how long this site has been around now. Seems like only yesterday.

Many things change over the course of eleven years, most especially priorities, and what was a priority to a twenty-year-old kid isn’t necessarily of much importance to a thirty-one-year-old. As I noted a couple months back, I’ve lost interest in blogging about every little detail of my life. Or, more succinctly, I’ve lost interest in writing long-form about my life. I have Facebook, I have Tumblr, and now I even use Twitter. I suppose there’s instant gratification involved in firing off a tweet about what’s on my mind right now that is lost in taking the time to plan, compose, edit, and post new blog entries. And then there’s my diary, which pre-dates this Web site by two years, and where I continue to write out lengthy entries.

But I haven’t completely given up on blogging—I just plan on doing it differently. Rather than writing about my life, I want to punch out essays and other longer pieces not necessarily related to me personally. I can’t guarantee that anyone will be interested in reading the pieces that I publish, but I guess this has always been more about me than you. I might write about baseball or books or movies or life in the city. I might even write personal anecdotes when it feels right. Basically, I love writing, and every different format offers different possibilities for personal expression. For those of you who have stuck with me and continued to follow my writing over the years, I thank you and hope you’ll continue to follow me in the future, but I also understand if what comes next isn’t to your liking.


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